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Which Grocery Store Has the Best Steaks? (Detailed Guide)

By Ferdi Vol
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We all have days when we are craving for that perfect bite of a tender yet juicy steak for dinner. During such moments you would love to explore the steak aisle in your local grocery store. But when you don’t know which grocery store has the best steaks, the experience can be a bit overwhelming. So, for you, I will share all that you will need to know. 

There are many grocery stores where you will find amazing quality steaks. The grocery stores that are most popularly known to serve prime quality steak are Whole Foods Market, Fresh Market, Publix, and others. 

But these are just some of the well-known grocery stores that sell good quality steaks. If they are not near your home, there are several other grocery stores that you should be aware of. You might also want to know about the most popular type of steak out there as well or what cut you should buy. This article will cover all of this and more to satisfy all your curiosities. 

Which Grocery Stores Are the Best for steaks?

Across the United States, you can find hundreds of grocery stores with a large following of shoppers. But the price tag of steaks at the grocery stores is not cheap. Also, the quality of meat you can find from the local meat markets is a far better option. So many would prefer to purchase steak from the latter source than to buy them from grocery stores.

However, despite all this, meat markets are slowly becoming a rarity. It’s highly possible that you won’t find one near your residence. Also, the extra trip and even more time to shop for some meat can be a little inconvenient for some.

As a result, it can be a bit tempting to buy all your grocery and that beautiful piece of steak together when you’re shopping at your local grocery store. But these days you will find too many grocery stores out there. So, I will be listing a few of the popular grocery stores that have good steaks below.

Whole Foods Market

Among all other grocery stores spread across the US and UK, Whole Foods has an outstanding reputation for being one of the healthiest grocery stores out there. Every product sold here is brought into the store only after passing a harsh quality standard set out by the company. So it is expected that Whole Food has a reputation for serving healthy products.

For the meat section, meat at Whole Food will be brought to the aisle only if they meet the 100 animal welfare standards set out. Such standards apply to all types of meat- beef, pork, chicken, goats, sheep, and turkey.

Whole Food guarantees on selling organic and grass-fed meat. Any animal with antibiotic treatment, growth hormone, or other animal by-products is not sold at the store. They also make sure the meat they sell are animals that were raised, transported, and butchered in the hands of humans.

So, when you are buying your meat from the Whole Food store, you won’t have to worry about it containing anything harmful. It is sure to be healthy and you can buy them without any worry.

Whole Food carries some good prime-quality beef. You will also find that the store ages their meat and make sausage in-house. The meat can be a bit pricey. However, for some quality go-to dinner at home, it’s the best beef you will get from a grocery store.


Publix is now one of the most well-known grocery stores in all of America. It was founded way back in 1930 in Florida. This southern chain is now the largest employee-owned company in the country.

The grocery store is spread across seven states and has 1,268 stores. It has a loyal following of shoppers and is loved just as much by those who work there.

The grocery store provides many services such as sandwich ordering online, their bakery serving free cookies, coupon clipping via the app, fresh food, and dairy manufacturing, and even covid-19 vaccination appointments, and more.

Publix guarantees that their meat comes from animals that were given no added hormones or other harmful antibiotics. Since the animal was born, they are on a completely vegetarian diet consisting of either grain of grass. All their animals are said to be raised in the hands of humans.

They have indicated on their website that the GreenWise Angus sold at Publix is required to meet certain standards before they are sold. While we are not aware of the standards, the meat tastes quite delicious. You can taste some amazing juicy and tender high-quality steaks that you won’t expect to come from a grocery store at all.


Wegman’s is expanding rather large and has more than 100 stores spread across the many states in the United States. It’s a beloved US grocery chain that is run family-owned and runs regionally. They have a huge number of loyal shoppers.  They love the grocery store because of the great quality of products, friendly customer service, and the overall atmosphere.

Wegman’s has been selling their organic grass-fed beef actively since 2009. The meat sold at this grocery store is sourced from grass-fed cattle that are never given any antibiotics or other harmful growth additives since their birth. Their meat comes from Verde farms that are specialized in raising grass-fed beef.

Since grass-fed meat tastes tastier compared to grain-fed meat, the taste is sure to be better. So, to enjoy a top-quality delicious steak, you can buy your desired cut from Wegman’s.

Fresh Market

Now Fresh Market is known as the #1 grocery store in all of America. You can find the grocery chain in as many as 160 locations in 22 states all across the USA. The original idea was to give the shoppers a feeling of intimacy in a personalized setting much like the markets of Europe. So when you go shopping at a Fresh Market, it’s not unusual to feel like shopping in Europe.

In the award-winning grocery store, you are sure to find some good quality beef. On the Fresh Market’s official website, they claim to bring in the best selection of USDA quality prime beef every day. Some of the most popular cuts they offer are Rib-Eye Steak, Whole Beef Tenderloin, NY Strip Steak, and Filet Mignon.

The store ensures that all the cuts are tender, flavorful, deliciously juicy, and overall top quality. All the meat Fresh Market provides is to meet a certain standard before they are sold to the customers.

Since 2019, they have ensured to offer meat that was 100% grass-fed and raised humanely. So, any meat you choose for your steak is sure to be the highest USDA prime quality meat.


With over 2,100+ stores in 35 stores all across the United States, it is certainly one of the bigger grocery store chains out there. They offer a huge variety of healthy products that are sure to be to your liking. The meat they offer is of good quality as well.

Kroger is not as transparent as the other grocery stores about their meat policy. You might not know what standards they have for their meat before they are brought in for sale. But you can be sure that the meat would be completely antibiotic-free. The meat they offer for the line “Simple Truth” are products that are 100% free of any harmful growth hormones.

Kroger’s suppliers are required to meet all the standards set by the various institutions such as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the North American Meat Institute. So you won’t have to worry too much about the quality of the beef. The meat is worth checking out.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a lot of people’s go-to grocery store. The store has earned a huge army of loyal shoppers ever since it opened its first shop in 1967. The store is most famous because of the huge variety of healthy food items at an affordable price.

Since you are looking for their selection of steaks, you won’t find a huge selection but they will have a good flavor nonetheless. Their meat is an organic quality and 100% grass-fed. All of their beef is pre-packaged and will not be cut or packaged by the butchers in the store. The steak is not exposed to any air and lasts a lot longer than the normal steak from a butcher.

The steaks are not very fatty and don’t have much marbling. But as the meat comes from grass-fed animals, the taste is quite nice. So, if you are looking for some grass-fed organic steak, the selection from Trader Joe’s can be a decent choice.

What Is the Most Popular Type of Steak?

Everyone loves a good steak. Now that you know all the grocery stores that have the best steaks, you would surely want to know the type of steak you should buy for your perfect dinner. No steak tastes bad when they are cooked properly. But every cut is different from one another and has their strong points.

Some cuts of steak are more famous than the others and taste better for most people. I will list the most popular ones so you will have an easier time looking for the cuts at your grocery store and tasting them.

1. Rib Eye Steak

There is no one who wouldn’t agree that Rib Eye steak is the finest, tastiest, and greatest of all other steaks. This piece of steak is cut from the rib of the cow and has the most fat among all other steaks. If you want to make sure of the quality of the cut you just need to have a good look at the marbling spread all over the meat.

Since it has so much marbling, all the extra fat enhances the beefy flavor of the cut when you are cooking the meat. Cooking the meat makes it the juiciest, softest, and most tender piece of steak you will ever taste. You can either grill, pan-fry or broil the piece of meat. Whatever way you cook your steak, it’s bound to turn out delicious. 

2. Strip Steak

This cut is popularly known as New York strip, club steak, strip loin, shell steak, Kansas City strip, and many other names all over the world. Whatever you call the cut, what everyone would agree on is that the taste is universally fantastic. It’s a perfect cut to go for when you want your steak grilled. But you can also pan-fry it and it would still taste good.

Strip steaks are special because they pack a much more intense beef flavor compared to a rib eye. They might not be as tender as a rib eye but you can do a lot more with this cut. Grading, marbling, aging- all can be done with this cut. Cook it as you want and you are sure to fall in love with the taste.

3. Beef Tenderloin

The tenderloin comes from the short loin of a cow and the area has the least bit of connective tissue. The result? The most tender piece of meat you will ever get the taste of. The area the meat is derived from doesn’t do any heavy lifting that can make the meat tough and hard to chew. The only downside is that this cut has a very mild flavor compared to other cuts.

But many people like the mild flavor. The lack of intense flavor also makes it extremely versatile and suitable for all sorts of cooking. But what makes this cut so desirable is how it melts like butter in our mouth. It’s the perfect piece of steak for a special occasion as it is one of the most expensive cuts out there.

4. T-Bone Steak

When you get the T-bone steak, you can taste the flavorful and tender taste of two steaks - a New York strip steak and a tenderloin filet. On one side of the T-shaped bone, you get to taste a flavorful bite of the strip. On the other side, you will bite into the amazing tender meat of the tenderloin. Getting to experience the best of both worlds at once is the specialty of this cut.

This cut is best cooked when you grill or broil it. However, the downside is that this piece of steak is on the expensive side. This huge chunk of meat is not for those who like their steak well done. The meat near the bone is always rarer compared to the rest of the steak. So, if you don’t like your meat rare, this cut is not for you.

5. Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron steak is a rather modern cut that comes from the shoulder part of a cow. This cut is incredibly tender. It is full of rich juicy marbling that fills up your mouth with a single bite. This cut of meat is good for grilling, pan-frying, broiling- whatever you want.

You can cook it medium-rare with the simple seasoning of some ground black pepper and coarse sea salt. Take a bite of this extremely affordable steak and the taste is sure to leave you in awe.

6. Top Sirloin Steak

Top sirloin steak strikes the perfect balance between cost, tenderness, and flavor. You can compare the cut to other tender cuts but they are sure to come with a huge price tag as well. At an affordable price, this steak is quite tender. Just like a rib-eye steak, you can cook this cut in any manner that strikes your fancy.

The best part of this steak is how flavorful it provides. It’s quite lean and has nice marbling on it. So, it is a cut that is both tasty and healthy. If you don’t want to spend too much on your Sunday dinner, this cut is the perfect choice for you.

How Do You Pick a Good Steak At the Grocery Store?

When you are looking at all the different choices in the meat aisle of your local grocery store, you might have a hard time choosing one. The choices most grocery stores offer is a lot. But not knowing which ones are good can be a bit stressful. It wouldn’t be that hard at all if you know what you are looking for.

All you need to do is take in some simple concepts of what makes a steak good. Recognizing the qualities of a piece of meat makes it easy to understand exactly what you want in your steak. It will make your shopping for steak incredibly easy. To pick a good quality steak at your local grocery store, take a note of these-

1. Select Tender Cuts

It should be your priority to choose a tender cut for your steak. When the meat comes from an area of the cow that is weak and isn’t used much for activities, the meat will be tender. When you are choosing a tender cut, look out for these signs-

  • Little connective tissue on the cut
  • Fine meat grain in the cut.
  • A single or few numbers of muscle groups in the cut.
  • The fat marbling of the cut should be lean to the medium amount.

2. Fatty Steaks? Or Lean Steaks?

Before choosing the cut, you buy, make sure to take note of the size. If the steak is on the fatty side and has more marbling, the flavor will be more intense. They take much more time to cook compared to a lean steak but taste amazing when cooked properly. Cooking it improperly will call for a nasty chewing session we don’t want to experience.

To prepare these meats, you can also chop up the cut or shave it into thin pieces. Preparing and cooking these types of cuts takes more time and effort.

If you go for lean cuts, they are more tender but fall behind in offering much flavor. So, when you are shopping for steaks, choose a cut that isn’t too fatty or lean. A balance between the two so it will have some fine marbling and tender to bite into.

3. Check for the Fat Content

The fat content of the meat will determine a lot about how good the steak will be. You want a piece of steak with good marbling throughout the steak. But too much marbling isn’t good for a steak as they take more time to cook. It can be tough to prepare and cook the steak.

Medium marbling on the outer edge of the steak is an ideal choice. When you cook the steak, it will be extremely juicy and will retain the beautiful shape.

4. The Color of the Meat

The color of the meat can tell you a lot about the quality of meat. So, on your shopping trip to the grocery store be one the lookout for the color of the meat before you buy it. What the different color of the meat indicates are-

  • A lighter shade of red means that the meat is fresh.
  • Meat that has been left in the cold storage for a long while has a darker shade of red.
  • The deep red color and yellowish marbling indicate that the meat comes from a grass-fed cow.
  • Light red color with white or creamy marbling means the cow was grain-fed.
  • Brown spots on meat mean the meat isn’t of good quality. Avoid buying such meat.

Everybody loves a bite of good-quality steak for dinner. With local meat markets becoming quite rare, we are bound to look at our local grocery stores for the cuts of our choice of meat. The huge number of supermarkets to choose from can be a bit overwhelming. So, this article compiles a list of which grocery store has the best steaks.

Hopefully reading this article has made it a bit easy for you to buy your steaks from your local grocery stores. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for reading till now.

By Ferdi Vol
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