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Where is Honey Found in The Grocery Store?

By Ferdi Vol
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So, you want to buy honey from the grocery store. But a grocery store has so many aisles. Identifying the right one for honey can be a bit confusing. So, where is honey found in the grocery store?

In a lot of grocery stores, honey is found alongside jam, jellies, and bread. It can be found with sugars and sweeteners too. Other variations are also seen from store to store.

In this article, I will discuss how to find honey in a grocery store. I will also take a look at the types of honey you can find in a grocery store as well as discussing whether they are legit.

How to Find Honey in A Grocery Store

Different stores have different arrangements for products. Honey is such a confusing case though. You might find it in the sweeteners aisle. You might find it next to jams and Jellies too. Some stores could use other different ways to arrange their products.

But honey is most commonly seen in the same aisle as jelly and jams which is often next to the isle of bread.

What Types of Honey Will You Find in Grocery Stores?

In the US, honey is produced in every state. There are over 300 available varieties of honey. When someone buys honey from the grocery store, they may not find the varieties of raw honey they will find in a local farmers’ market.  Honey found in grocery stores are usually branded. Popular types of honey being available are clover, orange blossom, acacia, etc.

Honey can be classified as either single-flower or wildflower. When bees gather nectar from one kind of flower, it produces single-flower honey. When bees use the nectar of many varieties of flowers, the honey we get from them is called wild-flower honey. Single flower honey is much rarer compared to wildflower honey.

There is also the easily distinguishable categorization of honey which includes the dark honey and light honey. The color can also be in between. Dark honey has a stronger and more distinctive flavor. It is also a healthier type of honey. It carries more nutrients than light honey. Light honey is used to sweeten cereal or tea. It is normally weaker in flavor but the color is not always a good indicator.

How to Buy Pure Honey

The honey found in grocery stores is mostly real. This isn’t always the case as a grocery store sells different brands of honey. Some brands sell adulterated honey. It is important to look at the list of ingredients to know if anything has been mixed with pure raw honey. The ingredient list should have no ingredients other than honey. Make sure to avoid ultrafiltrated honey.

There are 3 tests available to check the purity of the honey you can buy from a grocery store. If you pour real honey on your thumb it will stick. Pure raw honey doesn’t dissolve in water. It is also flammable. You can use these characteristics to identify whether honey is real or not. The 3 tests are known as the thumb test, water test, and fire test respectively.

So, where is honey found in the grocery store? You can find honey in the grocery stores alongside jams and jellies mostly. Sometimes, with other sweeteners. We hope this article was of help to you. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a great day!

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