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Is Honey in My Supermarket Real?

By Ferdi Vol
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Honey is one of the healthiest nutritional syrups you can consume. Usually, we purchase it at our nearest supermarket. But in those shops can you find 100 percent, pure honey?

Although not all honey sold in supermarkets are fake, around seventy-six percent of honey sold in the United State stores are fake. Those aren't like the unfiltered raw honey. They have been modified to taste better but do not contain any of the health benefits of pure honey.

In this article, I will try to answer your question “Is honey in my supermarket real?  And also share some tips on how to spot artificial and altered products so that you can buy pure natural honey.

Are Supermarket Honeys Real?

There are surely many brands selling real honey, but in many cases, honey sold in supermarkets is fake. These fake honeys do contain some real honey. But the amount is so marginal that the product loses all dietary value.

Fake honey usually contains some honey mixed with other types of cheap sugary syrup. For example, sugar cane syrup, rice syrup and corn syrup. These sorts of cheap honey may taste good but there are pros and there. Every year thousands of people are being scammed by buying fake honey products all over the world.

How to Detect Fake Honey?

You must be a little vigilant if you are willing to eat raw honey. Some stores carry authentic honey, but before purchasing any of it, you should be careful about some critical aspects. You should adhere to the guidelines if you want to buy real honey.

Avoid honey if it has the label “Ultrafiltered”

Many consumers are duped by the ultrafiltered name. It is believed that ultra-filtering separates harmful elements from the honey. However, I have already mentioned how nutrients from honey can be extracted by ultrafiltration. So, it is a waste of money if you purchase these jars of honey.

Do not fall for the label “Pure”

You are bound to get fooled if you see the word 'pure' on the honey jar. Nearly everybody who didn't know it before will believe the honey found in such a container is natural and organic. But be vigilant. The word "pure" does not have any real significance. And it would be unreasonable to purchase honey based on that tag.

Look for the Label “True Source Certified”

You first need to locate the "True Source Certified" label to purchase raw honey. The honey branded with that tag is tested individually and contains only natural ingredients. Although the True Source Licensed jars of honey are a little bit more expensive than the usual ones.

Buy honey directly sourced from farmers

To enjoy genuine honey, it's best to buy honey directly sourced from farmers. They are a little pricey, but that's the best way to enjoy the unaffected sweetness of this nutrias syrup. Honest raw honey is one of those companies that source their honey from local farmers.

So, to answer your question “Is honey in my supermarket real?”, NO. Most of the time it’s not. But there are surely some brands that offer pure honey. And I hope after reading this article you can discern between the actual and the artificial honey. Have a wonderful day!

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