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Do Whole Foods Employees Get Amazon Prime?

By Ferdi Vol
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Whole Foods Market is a consumer-driven industry that offers a substantial amount of benefits to their employees. After it was bought-out by Amazon, there had been mixed reactions among both the staff and management about the benefits amazon would offer them. Since they are technically Amazon employees, do whole foods employees get Amazon Prime?

As it turns out, Whole Foods employees do not get free Amazon Prime. What they do get are different benefits based on whether they are part-time or full-time employees. On top of that, they also get additional discounts on their purchases. 

Not getting amazon prime must sound like a bummer at first, but keep on reading as I list the other good benefits Whole Foods employees now get. It may not be free prime, but as a whole, it isn’t that bad either. 

Whole Foods Employee Discount 

Even though Whole Foods is a part of Amazon now, they still function as separate entities. That’s why before talking about any discounts, it is important to clarify that the benefits do not cross over. What that essentially means is, that Amazon employees do not get any sort of discount on Whole Foods, and Whole Foods employees do not get any discount on Amazon. 

So the employee discounts only apply to where they work. Whole Foods offers its employees a 20% discount on anything they buy from Whole Foods. It has been a set figure long before its dealings with Amazon, and it continues to this very day. This discount can get ramped up even further once an employee stays with Whole Foods for more than six months.

Once an employee passes the six-month employment period, they get an additional 10% discount on their existing 20%, bringing the net total to a whopping 30% discount on all their purchases through Whole Foods.

That’s not all; they even get discounts on essential things like insurance, movie tickets, phone subscriptions, and travels. That said, you would need to complete the transactions through specific websites. Also, some of these discounts apply to family members, so that’s a nifty little bonus.

The discounts are neat and widely appreciated, but the employee bonuses do not have anything like free shipping, unlimited streaming services, games, and music that Amazon prime covers. The employee benefits also lack the 5% cashback that Amazon Prime offers.

Are Whole Foods Employees Missing Out Much?  

Amazon Prime members enjoy free two-day shipping and unlimited video streaming services. As it turns out, that free shipping is probably the most widely appreciated perk that Amazon Prime has. Most people nowadays care more about customer service and faster delivery than anything else, and that is a sector Amazon Prime has every other competitor beat.

Whole Foods Employees don’t get any sort of free delivery or faster delivery perks with their bonuses and discounts. To get it, they would have to purchase an Amazon Prime deal of their own.

I mentioned earlier that employees get discounts on different websites, including move and streaming sites. While it is true, they get a fair amount of discount on certain content. They still need to pay for individual things. On the other hand, Amazon offers Netflix-style unlimited streaming and good music streaming deals. Music streaming is limited, unlike video streaming.

Amazon prime also has a nifty completion discount, where gift registry completion gives you a whopping 15% off on any item on the said list. Whole Foods does not offer anything of the sort in their employee benefits, so take that as you will.

On top of that, you would usually end up getting better discounts on Amazon prime than the employee discounts. So, the point is quite clear that Amazon prime has better benefits than what the employees get. But you should have expected this from the start since it is a completely paid service that the company is making money off.

Part-time Vs Full-time Employee Benefits at Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a big company. They have around three hundred fifty retail stores all over America and Europe. It means they have a constant demand for a workforce. They usually have over ninety thousand employees at any given time. They offer a lot of part-time opportunities, but that is only a fraction of their full-time workforce.

Before Whole Foods was not yet affiliated with Amazon, they offered healthcare benefits to part-time employees as well. Recently they removed this option for those that work less than thirty hours a week.

Aside from the Health coverage, both full-time and part-time employees enjoy the same benefits. Of course, all of this is a bonus on top of the pay they receive, which is between twelve dollars to twenty-four dollars per hour. 

The other benefits that Whole Foods offers are, Retirement coverage (This is the whole 401k deal), Generous Vacations, and paid time off (within reason, of course). Even part-time workers get all these benefits. The only thing they do not get is healthcare coverage.    

Can Whole Foods Employees Use Amazon Discount Codes or Coupons?

Most of us are aware of the Amazon discount codes that Amazon offers. It’s usually ten percent off on items that amazon sells and delivers. Amazon employees get these codes, and they can use them freely. Seeing as how Whole Foods is a part of Amazon, one would reckon that Whole Foods employees would get them too.

Sadly, Whole Foods employees do not get these. As it turns out, not even all Amazon employees get the discount codes. Amazon has a massive workforce, and that force is divided into quite a few categories.  Only those that work full-time can get the amazon discount codes. 

The employee system of Amazon is divided into two distinct categories. One is the Blue Badge Employee, and the other is the White Badge. Blue badge Employees are the ones that can get their hands-on discount codes because they are the full-timers. That means the White badge employees are the part-timers.

Can I Stack Employee Discount on Top of an Amazon Prime Membership?

Amazon prime offers peerless conveniences. Let’s face it; people are so used to the fast instantaneous delivery that a decent number of employees straight up buys a Prime membership just for that.

But we all know that’s not all that Prime offers. There is also a nifty thing called Prime Day Discounts. Prime members can get a significant discount on products they buy from Amazon on these specific days. Now, you might be thinking that adding this discount on top of the base discount the employees get would be a fabulous idea.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how it works. Sadly, you can only apply for one discount. So, there is little else you can get, in terms of price reduction, even if you get a Prime membership while also being a Whole Foods employee. 

Now; Regardless of what discount you use to make your purchases, you would still get any Cash-back offers you are entitled to from Amazon Prime. I believe it was five percent through Amazon Prime credit card.

All of this applies to both Whole Foods and Amazon employees. So, neither can stack the two bonuses and get outrageous discounts. That said, you will usually find some deals a lot cheaper on Prime discounts, so keep an eye out for those.

How is the Working Condition in Whole Foods Now?

If you want to know about the benefits of a particular job, the most important thing to note is the working conditions. When it comes to working conditions, Whole Foods is an amazing place. Most of the current workers love the freedom that this job offers, especially the flexible working hours.

Admittedly workers would love to have a bit more benefits, but most of them do not have any complaints with the management teams and their co-workers. The friendliness and teamwork are perhaps the best thing about Whole Foods. It can be a great career choice for many people.

I’ll be honest with you guys, most of the workers preferred the version of Whole Foods that they worked for before Amazon came into the scene. One of the main reasons for that was the removal of Healthcare coverage for part-time workers. 

Many people have different opinions, but they did compensate them pretty well, and the overall working condition is still very good. Most of the workers are adjusted to the changes by now. The new workers that join now have better training sessions so they can fit in pretty well too. 

So, Do Whole Foods employees get Amazon prime? No, they do not.Do they want it? Hell yes, of course, they do. Who wouldn’t want a free Amazon prime? But aside from that, they get a lot of decent benefits. It may not be free Amazon Prime, but it’s pretty close. Thanks for reading this article till the end. I hope it was able to satisfy any curiosity you had about the benefits Amazon provides it Whole Foods employees. Until next time, farewell. 

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