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12 November, 2020
Does Instacart Charge More Than a Local Store?

If you’ve chosen Instacart as your go-to grocery delivery service company, then your primary concern might be; does Instacart charge more than a local store? And what is the justification behind this extra cost? Instacart does not charge you more than your local stores for products. But they do charge you 4$ to 8$ for home […]

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11 November, 2020
How Does Instacart Pickup Work?

Instacart has been the source of trust for grocery shopping for nearly a decade. Home delivery and pickup options are preferred by many due to hard and fast lifestyles. But while the former one may always not be available; pickup is always an option. Instacart pickup was recently introduced in 2018. So, as a consumer, […]

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9 November, 2020
Why is Instacart so Slow? (The Best Reasons)

The core purpose of an online grocery delivery service is to be reliable, cheap, convenient, and time-saving. However, one of the most popular American grocery delivery services, Instacart has some of their users scratching their heads, asking, “Why is Instacart so slow?" Being the most active and popular grocery delivery service on the scene automatically […]

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8 November, 2020
Instacart vs Mercato – Which is Better?

Online grocery delivery services are becoming popular more than ever. With services like these you can get you groceries delivered to your doorstep with a tap of your finger. Instacart and Mercato are two of the most popular grocery delivery services in the USA. If you are wondering “Instacart vs Mercato – Which is better?”, this […]

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7 November, 2020
Does Instacart Deliver Alcohol?

Whether it be for Christmas, Thanksgiving, a special date, or an event, it would be surprising to not find alcohol at your disposal in an American household. However, sometimes, we can be lost in the hustle of daily chores and forget to store alcohol supplies before special events. This is when we can rely on […]

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4 November, 2020
Does Instacart take EBT?

For many doing something as menial as paying for their groceries can become a daunting challenge. With over 60 million Americans living below the poverty line, EBT has become essential for many. Previously people dependent on EBT weren’t able to enjoy the convenience of food delivery services like Instacart. But now things have changed for […]

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